Electrical services in Hyderabad

From complete turn key to project manager. Leave the building to the professionals.

Professional Electrical Service Providers in Hyderabad

Way2Nirman provides professional Electrical installation, repair services and maintenance services at your doorstep in Hyderabad. If you are looking for a trusted and professional Electrical service providers at low service charges in Hyderabad then we are the preferred option.

Electrical services in Hyderabad

Our aim is to provide high quality Electrical Services at best price and on agreed time. All our technicians are background verified, certified and highly experienced professionals. We covers all types of electrical installations and repair works.

We deals with:

  • House Wiring.
  • Installing Electrical Outlets & Panels.
  • Install or Repair Lighting Fixture.
  • Troubleshooting wiring problems.
  • Install or repair of Lights, Fans, Geysers, Invertors, Door bells, Meter box etc.

Our Electrical works in Hyderabad

Here is the some of our Electrical works.

We Provide Professional, Trained & Trusted Electricians

High Quality tools | Latest technologies | Dedicated & Friendly Customer Support | Lowest & Challenged prices | Domain Experts | Smart Electricians

Lights Fixing

Include works like fixing of all types of lights along with the required fittings.

Fans Removing & Fixing

Include works like fixing of ceiling & wall mounted fans along with the required fittings.

Switch board Repairs & Fixing

Include works like fixing & replacing of switches, sockets, dimmers etc.

MCB Installation & Repair

Include works like Installing & replacing of MCB's.

House New Wiring & Rewiring

Include works like running the required wiring for the power supply to the entire house along with other wiring requests like telephone, data, cable and TV during the design process.

Inverters Installation & Repairs

Include works like Installing & replacing of Inverters, Battery acid Filling.

Geyser Installation & Repairs

Include works like installation of geyser along with required fittings.

Wall mounted TV Installation

Include works like installing the LCD/LED Tv at the desired location along with the required fittings.

False Ceiling Lighting, wiring & Speakers Connection

Include works like running the cable for light fixtures, Home theatre speakers & Fixing of lights in False ceiling.

Air Coolers Repair

Include works like Air Cooler repairs with required spares.

Way2nirman Electrician Contract works

Our Electricians are experienced in Electric wiring, Electric fining replacement, new Electric projects, Smart solutions which makes your electric bills come down, Inverters, Fans and lights repairs, Installation etc.

House wiring

Our company is fully prepared to work within your time constraints; our attention to detail and the ability to work beyond your expectations, makes us the first and only choice, Because of the potential, inherent risks involved in installing and servicing of electrical systems, they are subject to rigorous national and international regulations through building electrical codes. Systems should always be installed by trained professionals, adhering to the most current codes. Once installed, it's difficult to change key elements of your system, so you have to indicate things such as the number, type, and placement of outlets, light fixtures, switches, and hard-wired appliances. It's also important to communicate any special electrical needs you may have.

  • Main Meter
  • Main Circuit Breaker Panel (MCB)
  • The circuits
  • GFCI
  • AFCI
  • Switch Boards

Geyser installation

Our company, having vast experience and well trained professionals is fully prepared to work within your time constraints; our attention to detail and the ability to work beyond your expectations, makes us the first and only choice. Geyser Installation are often incorrect. An incorrectly installed hot water heaters is the most common defect discovered now a days in Indian homes. These defects can be very dangerous and clearly result when untrained, or un-supervised workers are left alone in the roof cavity to do the geyser installation.

  • Drip tray
  • Vacuum Breakers
  • Shut off valve on the cold water side
  • Temperature and Pressure safety valve
  • Multi-valve (Pressure control switch)
  • Electrical Isolator switch
  • Thermostat
  • Self-sacrificing anode
  • Plumbing piping

Electrician rates in Hyderabad

Our Electrical Service charges are transparent and affordable to all. The larger the job, the more time it will take to complete and the more it will generally cost.
Our more experienced Electricians can estimate how long a job will take and how much it cost before we start execution. We welcomes customers discuss about work in detail and establish the deal and discounts.
We would like to maintain complete transparency in terms of our charges, so we brings all our charges details to you. Below you can find our Electrical works Rate card.

Accepted Payments:
  • Cash
  • Online transfer
  • Cheque
  • Paytm Wallet
  • Mobikwik Wallet


    Minimum Visiting Charges - Rs. 200

    Carpenter Service charges general terms:
  1. Minimum charges are Rs 200 /- and these charges need to be paid even if no work is carried out.
  2. No extra service charges if same problem persists with in warranty period.
  3. If the material is not available within 2 KM radius, the technician can ask customer to provide the material.
  4. Waiting charges for every 30 minutes after initial 20 minutes will be Rs. 100.


Particulars Unit Charges
Fixing or Removing Ceiling Fan 1 100
Fixing Ceiling Fan with Anchor bolt 1 200
Fixing Wall Mounted Fan 1 175
Fixing Exhaust Fan 1 120
Tube Light Fixing (with Frame) 1 100
Bulb Fitting with holder 1 60
Bulb Fitting with holder (hailam sheet) 1 100
Home theatre Installation (External Wiring) 1 800
Home theatre Installation (Internal Wiring) 1 1500


Particulars 19' to 29' 32' to 42' 45' to 55'
Wall mounted - Removal120 140 160
Wall mounted - New Installation 300 400 500
Wall mounted - Shifting 400 500 600


Particulars Unit Only Installation With water connection
Fixing New Geyser <10 lt 250 400
10 to 15 lt 300 450


Particulars Unit Charges
Single phase Meter Box Fitting 1 300
Single phase Meter Box Shifting (wiring additional) 1 400
Meter Box Servicing 1 250
Three Phase Work Upon Inspection


Particulars Charges
Direct from MCB Connection 750
Point to point connection 750 + Rs 100 for every Point
Distilled water filling for inverter 150
Any other inverter work Upon Inspection


Particulars Unit Charges
Fuse Change 1 150
New MCB fixing 1 200
Isolater - 3 Phase 1 300
Isolater - 1 Phase 1 250


Particulars Unit Charges
Door Bell Installation 1 150
Door Bell Shifting 1 200
Wiring or Casing for doorbell Upon Inspection


Particulars Unit Charges
wiring 720/Meter 30
wiring 320/Meter 25
wiring 118/Meter 20
Casing Meter 50
Gate Lights / Gardening Each 200

Our Professional Electrician team in Hyderabad

Here is some of our Certified, experienced & professional Electricians.







Why to choose Electrical Services From Way2nirman

Our prime motto is to provide quality service & timely completion. Our electricians have been extensively experienced, certified to handle all kinds of major and minor Electrical Installations and repair works. Our Electricians will work until you are satisfied with the outcome of our service. We guarantee that you will receive high quality and dedicated service from way2nirman.

Why we are best Electrical service providers in Hyderabad ?

  • Guaranteed Service
  • Experienced Electricians
  • Multilingual experts
  • Trusted Electricians (verified)
  • On time service at your door step
  • Easy to book Electricians
  • Transparent request tracking
  • Effortable Electrical charges
  • Fix first Pay next

Our service charges are very less when compared to the service we provide. Minimum service charges are Rs.200/-. Once our technician visits the work location and finalizes the work, the price will be finalized accordingly based on the type and amount of work to be done.

Electrical Service Price
Electrician Visiting Charge Rs. 200/-
Minimun Electrician Service Charge Rs. 200/-

How to Get Electrical Services from Way2nirman

Hiring an expert local electrician in your area was never so easy. Way2nirman provides different channels to book service, like place request through online by providing your details or by calling our help line number or by mailing to us or send whatsapp message to our help line number.

Online Request

Place Electrical service request Online

Place request online by filling Electrical Service Request form with your details and your requirements.

Call Request

Call or Whatsapp for Electrical Service

Make a call or Whatsapp to our customer care numbers 9493434646 or 9490434646 .

Email Request

Mail us or use live chat to book Electrician

Write a mail to service@way2nirman.com with your details and your requirements or use Live chat.

How way2nirman Electrical Services Works

How way2nirman Electrical Services Works

  1. Place Electrical services request online or by mail or call to our customer care or send whatsapp message.
  2. Once we receive Electrical services request our support team will call you for confirmation / details of work(if needed).
  3. Allocate best Electrician for your service.
  4. Electrician visits your home and completes the Work.
  5. After Completion of work, Pay through cash, cheque, online bank transfer, paytm or Mobikwik.
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