Plumber Service Charges in Hyderabad

way2nirman provides best Plumbing services on challenging low price. Our service charges are very less when compared to the service we provide. No other Plumbers provide high quality services at low charges as way2nirman provides. Minimum service charges are Rs.200/- only.

Plumber rates in Hyderabad

Our Plumbing Service charges are transparent and affordable to all. The larger the job, the more time it will take to complete and the more it will generally cost.
Our more experienced Plumbers can estimate how long a job will take and how much it cost before we start execution. We welcomes customers discuss about work in detail and establish the deal and discounts.
We would like to maintain complete transparency in terms of our charges, so we brings all our charges details to you. Below you can find our Plumbing works Rate card.

Accepted Payments:
  • Cash payments
  • Online transfer
  • Cheque Payment
  • Paytm Wallet Payment
  • Mobikwick payment


    Minimum Visiting Charges - Rs. 200

    Carpenter Service charges general terms:
  1. Minimum charges are Rs 200 /- and these charges need to be paid even if no work is carried out.
  2. No extra service charges if same problem persists with in warranty period.
  3. If the material is not available within 2 KM radius, the technician can ask customer to provide the material.
  4. Waiting charges for every 30 minutes after initial 20 minutes will be Rs. 100.


Particulars Unit Installation Charges Repair
Replacement of waste pipe1 100 Upon Inspection
P.V.C connection washer change 1 100
Tap Washer / Jumper 1 100
White Cement Application Upon Inspection
Ball cock fixing 1 150
Cleaning of Nani Trap 1 200
Cleaning of Bottle Trap 1 150
Flush tank ball cock change 1 150
Replacement of Closet bend 1 150
Repairing closet bend leakage 1 100
Jet Installation 1 300
Jet repair (only plumbing work) 1 200
Tap/Faucet Cleaning 1 100


Particulars Installation
Western Commode - Single Siphon 800 Upon Inspection
Western Commode - Double Siphon 1250
Western Commode - Wall hanging 2200
Western Commode Removal 600
Western Commode Cover Fitting 250
Wash Basin Removal 150
Wash Basin - Installation - Simple & Regular 400
Wash Basin - Installation - Fancy 800
Wall Mixer 300
Angle Cock Fixing / Replacement 150
Long Body / Short Body Fixing / Removing 150
Pillarcock Fixing 150
Shower 150
Flush Tank Fixing - PVC 250
Flush Tank Fixing - Ceramic 400
Bathtub Installation 2000
Bathtub Removal 1000


Leakage repair Upon Inspection
Pipe extension
Rain Water Outlet
Pipeline Fixing
Gali Trap


Particulars Unit Repair
Water Blockage - to be cleaned with pressure machine 1 1500 - 2000


Particulars Cleaning Installation
Less than or equal to 500 litre 400 600
500 lts to 1000 Lts 500 1000
1500 lts - 2000 Lts 800 1500
*Please note the above prices are applicable for one water connection in case of more than 1 connection the Plumber will tell the rates on site.


Additional fittings Size UnitCharges
PVC 3 inch 40
PVC 4 inch 60
GI / C-PVC inch 60
GI / C-PVC inch 60
GI / C-PVC inch 60
GI / C-PVC 1 inch 80
GI / C-PVC 1 inch 80
Ball Valve Remove & Installation GI Existing Size 1 500
Gate Valve Remove & Installation GI Existing Size 1 500
Ball Valve Remove & Installation C-PVC Existing Size 1 400
Gate Valve Remove & Installation C-PVC Existing Size 1 400


Particulars Size UnitCharges
PVC pipe fitting on floor Levels only. (with out Building Outside Works )3" Dia Pipe Per Meter 50
4" Dia Pipe Per Meter 60
6" Dia Pipe Per Meter 80


Particulars Size UnitCharges
PVC pipe fitting on floor Levels only. (with out Building Outside Works )" Dia Pipe Per Meter 35
3/4" Dia Pipe Per Meter 45
1" Dia Pipe Per Meter 55
1-1/4" Dia Pipe Per Meter 60


Particulars Size UnitCharges
PVC pipe fitting on floor Levels only. Like Bends, Tee, Reducers, 45' Bends, Elbows, cap etc. for Dranige Lines, Rain Water Line Purpose (with out Building External Works, Rope / Gova Work Will Charge extra )3" Each 35
4" Each 55
6" Each 75

How to Get Plumber from Way2nirman

Hiring an expert local Plumbers in your area was never so easy. Way2nirman provides different channels to book service, like place request through online by providing your details or by calling our help line number or by mailing to us or send whatsapp message to our help line number.

Online Request

Place Plumber request Online

Place request online by filling Plumber service Request form with your details and your requirements.

Call Request

Call or Whatsapp for Plumber Service

Make a call or Whatsapp to our customer care numbers 9493434646 or 9490434646 .

Email Request

Mail us or use live chat to book Plumber

Write a mail to with your details and your requirements or use Live chat.

How way2nirman Plumber Service Works

How way2nirman Plumber Service Works

  1. Place Plumber services request online or by mail or call to our customer care or send whatsapp message.
  2. Once we receive plumber services request our support team will call you for confirmation / details of work(if needed).
  3. Allocate best Plumbers for your service.
  4. Plumber visits your home and completes the Work.
  5. After Completion of your work, please do the payment.After Completion of work, Pay through cash, cheque, online bank transfer, paytm or Mobikwik.
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